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The low-code platform for case management and customer service

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Low-code platform for digital workflows

Orchestrate consistent and accurate solutions with a platform that can adapt to diverse and unpredictable situations. Designed to drive productivity across all departments and teams.


The complete customer service solution

Deliver flawless customer service with a unified service desk, service CRM, knowledge base and workflow automation software. Designed for your contact center and beyond. Powered by AppBase.

Eccentex simplifies your business

by powering digital workflows across your organization


Faster ROI

Accelerate your digital transformation with a platform designed for business agility.


Reduction in manual work

Automate repetitive tasks so employees can focus on helping customers.


Drop in complaints

Resolve problems correctly the first time and catch delays early.

Leading platform

Eccentex is designed for modern business use-cases that will continuously evolve.

Expert delivery

Our platform and experts quickly deliver solutions to meet your unique needs.

Clear pricing

Our platform is comprehensive, so you won’t need to install 10 other plugins to get the job done.

The end-to-end platform

ServiceJourney and AppBase are different sides of the same platform – and not just another collection of loosely integrated software packages. Eccentex helps you transform customer service journeys, digitize back-office workflows, and make sure both sides can collaborate seamlessly.

Shortcuts to digital transformation

From quick wins to strategic initiatives, Eccentex has everything you need for success.

Service CRM for Genesys

Unify everything your agents need to provide exceptional customer service.

Customer Workflows

Capture, triage and automate customer requests from any channel.

Email Help Desk

Convert emails to tickets, route them to the best agents and automate responses.

Customer 360

Turbocharge CX with a 360° view of the customer – tailored for service teams.

Knowledge Base

Surface actionable knowledge articles most relevant to the customer’s journey.

Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

Dynamic Case Management

Combine people, data and automation to solve simple and complex workflows.

Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

Low-Code Apps

Build high-productivity business apps on a modern LCAD platform.

All Capabilities

Exceed expectations with enterprise-grade features to power your business.


Public Sector




A financial institution sees a 20% drop in complaints with ServiceJourney

The company uses Eccentex to drive excellence in customer care, streamlining customer service with dynamic case management that connects the front, middle and back-office.

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