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Modernize your legacy software to ensure great citizen experiences and productive employees 


Don’t let legacy technology
slow you down

The top priority for the government sector is improving the quality of digital citizen experiences and reducing service delivery costs

Case data is spread out between isolated litigation systems, Excel/Access files, emails and shared folders.

Routine tasks like writing a common correspondence or pulling data from Property Tax Systems is done by hand.

Managers lack tools and real-time visibility to orchestrate work across multiple cases at once.

Deliver modern apps in 90 days

AppBase is a leading low-code platform for building modern software without coding. Put work in the hands of the right people at the right time by connecting teams, functions and systems across your organization.


By 2023, over 80% of the government’s digital implementations that do not build on a technology platform will fail to meet their objectives

“100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2023” – Gartner, 2020

Improve the citizen experience

Use robotics to rapidly and efficiently gather data for more engaging citizen experiences. Even if no employee is available, design self-service portals so citizens can receive the information they need, whenever they need it.

Boost employee productivity

Keeping your employees connected does a lot more than just save you money. Automate repetitive tasks and equip your employees with the right tools and insights, all in one place, so they can achieve their full potential.

Modernize on a single platform

Build flexible enterprise-grade apps that streamline digital operations, leverage your data to create engaging customer experiences, automate repetitive tasks and more.

“We wanted a system for multiple users to have the ability to quickly access and process a substantial amount of data from one centralized database in real time. Eccentex designed a secure case management system which has enabled us to more efficiently manage the litigation process and streamline operations.”

-Harris County Appraisal District

What can you make with AppBase

Litigation Case Management

Streamline the litigation process across all involved defendants, courts, law enforcement and attorneys. Initiate cases from related systems to provide the identity of the lower courts, case titles, case numbers, parties, and attorneys from the district courts. Learn more.

Tax & Appraisal Appeals

Drive digital transformation with a legal case management application designed specifically for appraisal and assessor offices. Put matters in the hands of the right people at the right time by connecting teams, functions and systems across your organization. Learn More.

Workers Compensation Claims

Manage and track a wide variety of worker’s compensation claims. Collect medical evaluations, compensation board decisions, treatments, medications and other evidence. Communicate directly with the plaintiff, employer and agencies.

Omnichannel Citizen Service

Provide consistent, context-aware service even as people switch between phone, email, SMS, chat and social. Solve constituent’s problems by bringing front, middle, and back offices together.

Complaints & Dispute Resolution

Resolve complaints efficiently by triaging and assigning customer complaints to the right people. Leverage case management to track the complaint as it moves throughout the organization.

Investigative Case Management

Ensure accountability and increase the effectiveness of the case from intake to completion, and all the steps in between including journals, e-forms, email, video, etc. in a logical and trackable way.


Government Purchasing Vehicles

Streamlined procurement options for US Federal, State and Local governments.

Product Capabilities Overview

AppBase is a comprehensive platform for case management, automation, forms and more. 


Case Management Case Study

See how FairWay Resolution used AppBase to deliver digital transformation during a pandemic.

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The first step in digital transformation is understanding your existing capabilities along with your vision.


AppBase for Customer Service

Extend service beyond the contact center and scale by connecting people, functions and systems

AppBase for Low-Code Apps

Deliver enterprise-grade apps quickly and accelerate innovation, increase agility and improve productivity

Customer Stories


Customer Service

A large consumer loan company reduced their call center by 210 FTEs and saved over $3 million.

Customer Stories


Case Management

See how FairWay Resolution used AppBase to deliver digital transformation during a pandemic.



See how Genesys and Eccentex provide personalized solutions to complex issues, even if the journey goes beyond the contact center.